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CCYD - Lifting Young Lives, Helping at-risk youth succeed

Founded in 1974, The Chesapeake Center for Youth Development addresses the educational and developmental needs of local at-risk youth experiencing barriers to success due to educational deficits, troubled family relationships, juvenile delinquency, and limited employment opportunities. To help encourage young people to set realistic goals for themselves and help in reaching those goals, The Chesapeake Center for Youth Development provides innovative high quality and comprehensive services through our at-risk youth programs and partnership with other organizations.


Defining Success:

Success is defined by enrollment, attendance, program participation, academic achievement, HS Diplomas & GED attainment, acquiring developmental assets, obtaining employment credentials and entering the workforce, a decrease in delinquent activity when applicable, improved social skills and ability to function in mainstream society.



What’s Going on at CCYD?


SoWeBo Landmark 5k on October 5th, 2014

SoWeBo Landmark 5k

Step up and join us as we celebrate the 4th Annual Sowebo Landmark 5k on Sunday, October 5th, 2014. Sowebo Landmark 5K aims to unite neighbors, families, schools, and local resources to empower our youth to be active, eat well, and lead healthy lives.

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40th Anniversary Celebration

Join us in Celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Chesapeake Center for Youth Development on October 9th at the Embassy Suites Grand Historic Venue! Special Guest: Former Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke

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Alternative School Intern at Work

Congratulations to the newest intern at McHenry Tire in Southwest Baltimore.

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Congratulations Family Health Centers Graduates

Congratulations to the recent Family Health Centers (FHC) graduates of CCYD’s Essential Skills Training.  This is a great partnership between CCYD and FHC.

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