Annual Retreat Brings Board and Staff Together

MaryBeth Hyland has been introducing her “High Achieving Millennial Research Project” around the country.

CCYD’s Annual Board/Staff Retreat took place at the Conference Center of the Maritime Institute of Technology near BWI Airport on Saturday, February 25, 2017. Marybeth Hyland, founder of SparkVision was the featured facilitator for the first hour, directing the group in an “Icebreaker” to help us all get better acquainted. She asked everyone to write something unusual about themselves and have the group guess who it was. Very interesting to discover within our group we had an amateur artist, marathon runner, fashion model and someone who batted against a Hall of Fame pitcher.


Marybeth then led the group with a presentation and discussion about Organizational Culture and Engagement, emphasizing the importance of building emotional connections and ties to one another. CCYD’s organizational values were identified and restated to include: Diversity, Collaboration, Creativity, Resourcefulness, Commitment and Accountability.

One of two morning Break-Out sessions focused on the current Transition Plan as the Board is engaged in hiring a new Executive Director to replace Ivan Leshinsky who is retiring after 36 years at the helm. The Board appointed a Transition Committee chaired by Theresa Furnari, its Vice President and a Family Court Magistrate for the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. The goal of the Committee is to have a short list of qualified candidates who will go through a thorough interview process. A recommendation will be made to the full board by May of 2017 to permit a vote and a period of transition between Ivan and the next Executive Director.


The other Break-Out session was facilitated by CCYD’s clinical director, Cindy Ruby and focused on Organizational Development. The group started to address issues such as 1) How are challenges – programmatic and other – brought to the higher levels of management and to the board and 2) How does staff get help in making important decisions? Answers to these questions would ultimately find their way in to a Communications Plan for the agency.


Other topics of discussion during the Retreat included proposed fundraising events for the months ahead and the presentation of program outcomes into the four main areas in which CCYD is engaged: Community, Youth and Family, Therapeutic and Workforce Development. We look forward to sharing CCYD news and developments with you as they occur, so plan to visit this website often for on-going updates, special events and information.

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