Join The Food Compost Collective

Get your food waste picked up from your doorstep and help create local jobs!

Become a part of creating compost that builds new community gardens!

The Chesapeake Center for Youth Development is partnering with Filbert Street Gardens, the Institute for Local Self Reliance, and Ben Franklin High School to create a youth bicycle run food waste collection service. Everything we collect will be processed at the Filbert Street Garden in Curtis Bay to create fresh compost soil!


The Compost Collective is a small start up program employing high school youth to take food scraps out of the waste stream and compost them at a community garden.


Pick up will be once a week, on Sundays. We would provide you with a reusable compost bucket with a screw top lid. Inside the bucket will be a liner and we will switch the liner each week. You can place it outside just like recycling. If your bucket is getting particularly dirty we will swap out the buckets with a cleaned one.


We have exclusions on pick ups such as animal bones and highly processed food such as twinkies. We are seeking mostly raw food scraps like watermelon rinds, banana peels, egg shells, or spoiled greens, the seeds and stems on a squash etc.


The fee for service would be $15 a month with no penalty for cancellation.


  • Be a Green Neighbor!
  • Keep Food from the Waste Stream!
  • Receive Compost!

Weekend Pickups

$15 per month

To signup, click here

Program Manager

Marvin Hayes




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